We've worked on a few games...


We are a collective of indie game composers who relish the opportunity to provide an organic, homegrown alternative to the plethora of ready made mass produced rubbish lining the musical convenience stores of the web.

Until now good, affordable game music composers have been hard to come by for those not in the know. We understand that there are many developers out there with a budget for custom sound but no idea where to go.

So we've taken the hard work out by filtering through the rubbish and presenting you with nine phenomenal video game musicians.  No more trawling through forums, all you have to do is browse the site, decide which composer's sound best suits your game and click the contact link.

We're also very excited about the 'resources' and blog sections of the site which aim to explode a few of the myths around freelance music composition. We hope that you will find them useful to aid you on your road to IGF!

The artists on this site have scored some of the best loved, most played and most downloaded indie titles out there on consoles and online. They've won awards for their excellence.

More importantly, they've been handpicked because of their unique sound, as well as their ability to produce consistently high quality music, on time, on budget. 

Don't settle for second rate until you've heard these guys do what they do best. 


This site is still a sapling. Help us grow into a big strong tree by giving us your own ideas and feedback