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I don't get it, where do I buy/download this music?

Indie loop garden is NOT a music store site. If you want to download individual artists tunes, we recommend you go to their respective websites.


 The aim of this site is to create a space where game developers can preview the work of several high quality music composers with intention of hiring somebody to create a custom soundtrack for their game.


So it's a talent agency?


In a way what we do is similar to a talent agency. However indie loop garden does not claim to represent its respective artists in any way. Furthermore indie loop garden never takes a cut of the composer's fee. 100% of the negotiated fee goes to the artist.

It is a community driven project, set up by indies, for indies :)


Why should I pay for a game composer?


 It may be a little pricier than some of the other options out there, but it'll pay in the long run. Here's why:


-A lot of game music is looped. You may think that that royalty free track you found will 'do fine' but try saying that after hearing it 500 times on repeat!


-Gamers have high expectations when it comes to sounds, just like graphics. If you are a gamer yourself, we don't need to tell you how great game music can create an emotional connection that stays with us long after we finish the game. They ran a 25th anniversary Zelda symphonic concert for crying out loud! (I went, it was awesome) If you settle for sub-standard music you run the serious risk of tainting your reputation as a developer.


-Custom music, custom jingles, custom sound effects. If the audio aspect of your game is unified, it will take your project to the next level of professionalism. Allowing somebody experienced to come in and collborate on your creative vision will often take things above and beyond your original expectations.


-We are not evil. We are music lovers and gamers too. We love writing for new projects and are willing to work hard to find a way into the project even if you can't afford to pay much up front (see our pricing page for more details).


Do you just do loops?


No, we tailor our service to suit the developer's needs, whether you need more linear music for your trailer or help creating an interactive soundscape for your game. Some of our composers have



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